5 factors important to choose the best VPS hosting provider


Has your website outgrown the resources of a shared hosting package? Are you planning to change your hosting plan? Quite the right decision if your website is growing continuously.

Shared hosting is usually the first go-to solution for any new website due to its low-cost packages and ease. However, among various hosting options, most users turn to VPS hosting offers affordable packages along with some amazing features.

Indeed, if you intend to go one step ahead, you will fall for VPS, and we know why. Once you are sure about the hosting plan, the next step is to choose the best VPS hosting provider.

Undoubtedly, as the digital world is expanding, so are its options. Albeit it is often a challenging yet vital choice to decide on a hosting provider, you have landed on the right page.

Here, we are going to contemplate the parameters you must consider while choosing your provider.

1. Performance metrics

The most common reason for getting VPS among users is that the resources allocated in shared hosting are insufficient. In other words, users shift to VPS hosting to maintain the performance of their website. There may be several indicators for a website’s performance, such as

  • Uptime
  • Speed

Both factors are at the highest risk if your current hosting plan is insufficient for your website, especially when you share your resources on a shared server. Therefore, you must remember that the best VPS hosting provider ensures maximum uptime and speed.

Furthermore, when looking for the most affordable plans, you must consider that the cheaper plans may often experience outages. However, you may also get the promised efficiency in a cheap VPS hosting plan from the companies like Navicosoft.

2. Budget

When your website is still in the initial growth phase, budget is always one of the main concerns when choosing the hosting plan. VPS plans vary significantly in price; therefore, you must be careful while weighing your demands against your budget.

After all, it is always right to pay for quality. But, on the contrary, preferring your budget over quality may cost you more outages and slow loading times than you may have anticipated. So, be careful rather than regretful.

3. Root Access

Root Access is not a concern for everyone. However, if you are tech-savvy and would like to have custom changes, you should be looking for the best VPS hosting plan, which is unmanaged. Most businesses usually take up managed plans. Furthermore, some providers offer root access with managed plans as well.

4. Operating system

The best VPS hosting offers you two operating system options: Windows VPS and Linux VPS.

A Windows-based VPS hosting package facilitates you with performance and access levels like a dedicated server. Hence, you can enjoy the services of a dedicated server at a highly affordable price.

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Furthermore, with unmanaged cheap VPS hosting, you will have complete control over your resources, and you can use common Windows databases & applications such as ASP.NET, SharePoint, ASP, and MySQL.

Linux VPS brings MySQL, PHP, and POP3-like web features. Being an open-source operating system, Linux VPS hosting packages are cheaper. Furthermore, even though it is a complex procedure, you always have an option to shift from a Linux server to a windows server.

5. Customer Care

Customer support is the most critical factor for me that plays a crucial role in your experience with a hosting provider. Sudden and unanticipated outages can cost you more than the cost of your hosting plan.

Therefore, before you sign up with any hosting provider, you must ensure that they will always be there to resolve the glitches at the earliest.

To find the best VPS hosting provider, you can simply put the following questions on the table with the hosting provider of your choice.

  • What are the consequences of any troubles online?
  • Who should you call to get help?
  • Does the company promise quick and satisfying troubleshooting?

Indeed, if your website goes down on Friday, you must know you cannot wait for the weekend to be over and call customer care on Monday morning via chat or phone.

Furthermore, if you plan to shift your website from one hosting provider to the other, it would require you to have highly supportive customer care service.

VPS Hosting types

You are not ready to set up your website just yet. You still have to decide on your web hosting plan as well. Mainly, there are two types of private server hosting.

  • Managed VPS hosting: if you are a newbie with no technical base, managed VPS makes the best option for you. By buying managed VPS package, you can easily focus on the growth of your website while the best hosting provider takes care of the technical part of the website. You can look for the following services in a managed hosting plan for better insights.
  • Server setup
  • Installation of the OS, control panel and all the other applications
  • Timely updates of the OS and applications
  • Server maintenance and monitoring
  • Auto backup
  • Unmanaged VPS hosting: As the title indicates, you must take care of all the aspects of your web hosting. Hence, you will do everything on your own, including software installation, security certificates, control panel, and updates. Notably, you won’t be enjoying any troubleshooting support in case of any crash. It won’t make a good choice if you are not tech-savvy enough.

With this comprehensive overview of all the factors that play their role in choosing your hosting, we hope you choose the best VPS hosting provider.

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