30 Personal Trainer Quotes You Should Use On Your Social Media


If you’re someone who wants to encourage others to get up and get active, you may find that one of the best ways to do so is through inspirational quotes. There are simply so many great ones to choose from and in most cases, they are an excellent way to speak to a wider audience.

With a simple yet inspiring message, you can often help people to work on their goals – and if this is something you want from your social media platforms, there’s no doubt that you’ll be interested in these 30 great personal trainer quotes.

10 quick quotes to spark action

If you want something short and impactful, you may want to pick a few of these inspirational quotes to share on your social media platforms:

  1. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, believe in your personal trainer

  2. The body achieves what the mind believes

  3. An hour of working out only takes up 4% of your day

  4. Strive for progress, not perfection

  5. Great results are only achieved through time, effort, mindset, and dedication

  6. Your dreams and goals are all that matter; not your past

  7. It’s not going to be easy; it’s going to be worth it

  8. You can have excuses or results – but not both

  9. Push yourself to go out of your comfort zone. No pain, no gain

  10. Sometimes, a can-do attitude is all it takes to accomplish something

10 great quotes for personal trainers

If you need a little motivation yourself, here are just a few quotes that might help you to get back into gear:

  1. The most important thing you can do is inspire others, so you can feel pride knowing that they’ll be great at whatever they do

  2. You were strong enough to get this far, you’re strong enough to keep on going

  3. Use your natural ability and talent to help push others to reach their own goals

  4. It’s not the size of the body that counts, but the size of the heart that truly matters

  5. The longer you wait to do something, the more time you waste

  6. Even if the going gets tough, if you want to reach that end goal, you need to be willing to push yourself further

  7. You’ll be more disappointed in yourself for the opportunities you’ve missed along the way than the things you did do

  8. What feels impossible today will someday be just a warm-up for you

  9. You don’t overcome obstacles by saying “I’ll try”

10 more motivational quotes to keep you and your followers going

Lastly, here is a selection of quotes that are perfect for personal trainers, their clients, and anyone who’s following.

  1. There are no secret ways to succeed – it’s a combination of hard work, preparation, and learning from mistakes that makes it happen

  2. Happiness is the key to success, not the other way around. If you love what you do, you will be successful

  3. It’s not about being the best of the best, but it’s about improving on yourself and being better than you were yesterday

  4. A positive mindset makes everything possible. Whether you think you can or can’t do something, you’re right – so tell yourself that you can

  5. Once you learn to quit when things get hard, it starts to become a habit not easily broken

  6. Exercise is king, nutrition is queen. Together, they make a kingdom not easily brought down

  7. You may hate every minute of training, but if you quit now the suffering you’ve already been through won’t be worth it and you’ll lose all your progress

  8. There’s no need for competition – just focus on improving yourself and you’ll see results far quicker than if you were competing with others

  9. Do something today that others won’t so that you can do something that others can’t tomorrow

  10. It’s never too late to become the best version of yourself

  11. It doesn’t get easier – you get better

Looking for some more quotes you could use?

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