10 Gaming Logos For eSports Teams and Gamers


Esports has garnered the attention of both major and minor participants in the business due to their potentially lucrative future. 

Despite the fact that some brands are still finding it challenging to give in to competitive gaming, those who have delved deeply into this market are achieving new heights through sponsorships. The names Red Bull, AT&T, Twitch, Mountain Dew, T-Mobile, Monster Energy, and Intel are just a handful of the companies that have adopted this strategy.

This market has become a cutthroat one as a direct result of the increasing number of gamers who are millennials. In order to secure sponsorships, esports teams and players need to compete against the industry’s most dominant players and teams. Having said that, one method to get a sponsor’s attention is to have a professionally designed and implemented esports team logo, particularly when combined with the established credibility of the team or organization.

Esports Team Logo

While the branding of a firm is conveyed through its logo, an esports team’s logo also conveys an indication of the team’s level of competitiveness. You will not stand out from the crowd as a streamer, team, gamer, or organisation if you do not have a distinctive symbol to represent you. Esports, as an industry that deals with high-quality game visuals, ought to encourage esports enthusiasts to think about high-quality esports team logos so that they can blend in with the industry as a whole.

The Designhill logo design service comes to the rescue when it comes to the production of a high-quality esports logo for gaming teams and individual players.

Designhill, a young company that prides itself on producing high-quality graphic design, offers a wide range of company logo. This infinite graphic design service is unquestionably a wise financial investment because it allows users to design anything from Twitch overlays, panels, and banners to esports logos for teams, organisations, and individual gamers.

Esports Industry’s Top 15 Most Recognizable Logos

The selection of these notable esports team logos was not an easy task at all. However, out of the hundreds of logos that esports teams and organisations have created, the following 15 are the ones that stood out to me the most.

1. Complexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming, a well-known esports squad in North America that has racked up a number of noteworthy accomplishments over the years, has won multiple championships. In spite of the fact that their logo is quite simple, it is nevertheless very noticeable even when viewed from a variety of perspectives. What really makes it stand out is the fractured star that has two different colours in it.

2. Cloud9

Cloud9’s first foray into competitive gaming was in the Counter-Strike division, which was staffed by players from the Complexity Gaming roster. The number “9” has been converted into several sides so that it forms one cohesive unit in the logo, which has been skillfully produced. The capacity to remember this logo is at its very best.

3. Splyce

Splyce is a national esports organisation that was established in the United States in 2015. They have competed in a variety of video game tournaments, including Super Smash Bros., Call of Duty, League of Legends, Overwatch, and more.

There is no aspect of this logo that can be overlooked. This logo is one of a kind, instantly recognisable, and polished all at the same time thanks to the inclusion of a badass-looking snake encased in a white circle and the imprinting of the team name in the heart of the design.

4. Houston Outlaws

The meaning of the Houston Outlaws logo is immediately apparent the moment you lay eyes on it, even if you’re not familiar with the team. A decent esports team logo should include some sort of historical reference. This logo has the word “Texas” written all over it, what with the two weapons that have been turned vertically producing the shape of a bull’s head.

5. Evil Geniuses

Since 1999, Evil Geniuses has been competing in competitive video games, and in that time they have amassed a reputation and a logo that are superior to those of their competitors. The fact that the logo is only available in one colour does not make it any less brilliant. And the fact that the letters ‘E’ and ‘G’ were written so beautifully makes up for everything.

6. Team Empire

Team Empire, which is widely considered to be among the most successful esports teams in Russia, has put a lot of care into the design of its esports team logo. The overall concept is quite stunning, and each individual element works perfectly with the others. This logo exudes distinction and allure, from the horse and rider to the colour palettes, crest, and typography; every element contributes to the overall effect.

7. Incognito

When designing a great logo, the company name may not always be necessary to include. Even for people who aren’t familiar with the brands, such as Target’s bullseye, the simple sign might already provide enough information. The Incognito logo is an effective means of communication with spectators. It has a more menacing version of the incognito guy that appears in Google Chrome, and its colour scheme of red and black is designed to throw off opponents.

8. Vega Squadron

This esports organization’s logo stands out thanks to the stunning blue tones that are used in it. The lines are quite stunning in their complexity. The employment of the shark’s white space, as well as the crest, really brings out its lifelike qualities. Additionally, the typeface that is located at the bottom helps bring the design together.

9. Echo Fox 

This logo made it onto our list for a few of reasons: the bold, attention-grabbing hue, and the simple yet elegant concept. But could you have guessed that the ‘Fox’ in Echo Fox comes from Rick Fox, who played in the NBA before retiring? Indeed, he shelled out one million United States dollars to acquire the esports team Gravity Gaming and promptly changed the team’s name. Whoever said that there is no money to be made in the esports industry has been hiding under a rock their entire lives!

10. Oceanus Gaming 

Oceanus Gaming is a Canadian esports group, and when they designed their team logo, they showed they meant business. The heavily muscled man has a striking resemblance to King Triton, even down to the trident that protrudes from his crest. The general concept, as well as the name of the squad, are extremely well suited to the gorgeous neutral colours.

11. Root Gaming

This business logo features a jovial and carefree personality that encapsulates the spirit of the entire gaming industry in a single image. It deftly combines two different types of typography. And the circle, which has a zen-like quality, brings the whole logo together.

12. Team Liquid

The usage of negative space by Team Liquid is an excellent illustration of how it contributes to the overall tastefulness of the design. I’ve never seen a horse’s mane rendered in such an excellent way, especially not in the emblem of an esports team.

13. HeroesHearth

The HeroesHearth logo makes effective use of a variety of forms and curves in its design. The varied tones render the entire emblem legible and recognisable. [Case in point:] [Case in point:] At first sight, this logo looks like a flame, which is fitting because it represents the hero’s heart.

14. Team LDLC

The logo of a scalable esports team has been designed by Team LDLC, which is supported financially by a French online retailer that specializes in the sale of gaming goods. The design is straightforward but really eye-catching, especially considering how the animal’s eye pops out on the plain background. This is the epitome of successful minimalism.

15. Los Angeles Gladiators

Through the use of negative space, the Los Angeles Gladiators have created a new interpretation of a terrifying animal for their emblem. However, the strategic usage of white space in this instance does not make the lion appear any less menacing. The lion is supposed to represent how the squad is always prepared for any esports battlefield, just like gladiators were expected to be ready to fight in Roman colosseums.

How to create a successful gaming logo design

1. Start with the game title

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good name for your game. If you don’t have one yet, try to think about what kind of game it could be. Maybe it’s a shooter? A racing game? A role-playing game? Once you’ve got the idea down, then you can start thinking about how to incorporate the title into your logo. You want your gaming logo design to stand out, so keep things simple. Don’t go crazy with colors or patterns. Keep it clean and simple.

2. Choose a font

Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to choose a typeface. There are tons of fonts out there (and they’re getting even more popular), so you’ll probably have to spend some time trying them out. Try to find something that fits well with your game and doesn’t look too generic. Also, avoid using any special characters. Those tend to get annoying pretty fast!

3. Add some details

Now you can move on to adding some details to your logo. Think about what makes your game unique. Is it really necessary to add a lot of extra stuff? Do you need to use a specific color palette? Can you just stick to black and white? After you’ve figured those things out, you can focus on making the rest of your logo look good. Remember, the goal here isn’t to make everything perfect; it’s to make it look professional enough that people will associate it with your game.

4. Make it memorable

Finally, you should make sure that your logo is memorable. In order for someone to remember it, it has to look nice. That means keeping it simple and sticking to a few basic shapes. Avoid going overboard with anything too complex. Most importantly, make sure that you’re happy with it. Does it look great? Are you proud of it? Then you’re ready to publish it online!

Final words

When it comes to designing a logo, there are many things to consider. The most important thing is that you’re happy with it. If you don’t like something about your logo, then change it until you do! It’s also important to remember that while the design process takes time, once you have a finished product, it doesn’t take much effort to update or change anything.

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