10 Features You Should Look For In A POS System


In most businesses, a POS system is vital for managing sales and inventory. If you’re a startup or established business, choosing the right one can be challenging. Cell phone repair is a business that requires specific features in the phone repair software. And not all options are created equal. That’s why we put together this guide of 10 features that every POS system should have – so you can choose the best option for your business!

1. Smart Inventory Management

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to preparing for the holiday season. Here, your inventory management may make or break your business. Whether you have a handful of items or hundreds, having solid inventory management functionality will assist you in keeping track of your goods. And it will also help in optimizing your stocking strategy.

An intuitive inventory management system lets you manage the following: 

  •       Unlimited items and product categories
  •       Create and print barcode labels
  •       View stock levels across your store(s)
  •       Make purchase orders
  •       Set email alerts for when stock levels of a particular product are running low.
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So make sure you are getting all of these.

2. Seamless In-Store And Online Selling

Even if you presently run a brick-and-mortar store, it’s worth seeking a point of sale solution that supports online sales. So, if you ever decide to establish an internet store, your POS can do that. In that case, you’ll be able to handle eCommerce and in-store purchases seamlessly. Your POS should automatically sync purchases and inventory from in-person and online Stores, making it easier to manage your business more than ever. For example, customers may purchase items directly from your Instagram page and have them delivered or pick them up from your store. You can also sell eGift cards, access sophisticated eCommerce tools like shipping labels, email templates, and abandoned.

3. Easy Barcode Scanning

You should be able to generate and print barcodes in your repair shop software so that you can keep track of your inventory. You may produce a unique barcode for a new item and input the product details into your POS system if you’re restocking it. Scan items as they enter your stock and again when they’re sent to a different location or sold.

4. Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management       (CRM)


A good point-of-sale system will have customer relationship management (CRM) features. This will allow you to develop solid and real relationships with your consumers and capture critical information without much effort on your part. Look for a POS system that creates customer profiles automatically, synchronizes sales history across in-store and online channels, and allows you to add personalized additionally, your POS should allow you to set up a loyalty program for your consumers. The loyalty program will enable you to personalize the customer experience by deciding how you give points and creating bespoke reward levels tailored to your company.

5. Advanced Reporting And Analytics

An excellent retail point of sale system may substantially boost the productivity and profitability of your firm. Real-time data capture allows you to assess sales, employee performance, and inventory levels at a glance while drilling down for more detailed analysis. You can optimize the way your business operates and make a significant difference to your bottom line by having an accurate picture of your

6. Flexible Payment Options

Your POS should allow you to take payment however your clients want to pay. While cash and credit cards are still popular, cashless payments have never been more common. So make sure you can accept mobile payments using Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Another factor to think about is split payments.Accepting multi-channel payments is a must, and your POS should enable you to do so while maintaining PCI DSS compliant data security. You may also choose to transfer money on a predetermined basis that is suitable for your business hours.

7. Integrated Hardware

POS hardware requirements vary from one company to the next. So even if your immediate goal is to sell from a fixed counter in your store, a POS system that allows you future flexibility is worth considering. In addition, mobile payment solutions like credit card readers have grown in popularity due to the rise of contactless payments. Mobile payment devices in your phone repair software let you accept payments wherever you are – whether roaming your store or restaurant or offsite at a market or pop-up. Alternatively, you could opt for an integrated POS system that sits on your counter and features a customer-facing display.

8. Employee Management Capability

Look for a point of sale system that allows you to manage your staff from your POS. Managing your team using the same software you use to track sales will help you streamline administration. And it will give you valuable insight into employee performance. End-to-end employee management capabilities, such as time card reporting, break tracking, system access control, and more, are available through RedCloth. For example, create and manage your roster, assign varying levels of system access to different people and tasks, and produce reports to assist you in staffing more effectively.

9. Cross channel returns management

A POS returns management module includes accepting cross-channel returns. And enables refunds and replacements from any store location. It should keep track of things like the reason for return, the salesperson’s name, and any notes.

10.      Multi-Store Management

It may be challenging for repair business owners who have to supervise numerous locations from a single terminal. It will become even more challenging if the terminal is immovable. As a result, restricting the manager’s mobility and limiting his capacity to keep track of everything going on at all of the businesses choose a POS that has multi-store functionality built-in. Managers are free to go from one location to another with this system. They can quickly display information as they walk from store to store, monitoring the performance of each location.The online accounting software allows executives to make critical company decisions anytime and anywhere. As a result, it empowers the decision-makers to act quickly. As your company expands,

Final Word

So opt for a comprehensive POS software system specifically designed for your business type. It should be trusted by thousands of users for managing inventory, accepting payments, offering seamless online integration, and more. Some even allow you to get started with a free trial. Thus, try them out and see if it fits your requirements or not.

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