10 Essentials for A Study Room that Motivates You to Study and Grind!


Learning is fun, yet for the most part, studying Study and Grind is challenging. Needless to say, it can be exhausting, especially when the subjects are difficult, or when there are lots of information to remember. What’s more, there are moments when you’re not in the right mood to review your lessons, times when you feel lazy to pick up your book and read, situations when you just want to sleep or play games. Such slack feelings and uninspired scenarios are familiar to all students. That’s why at home, you must have a specific study room where you can focus and grind actively! 

Having a particular space where you can have privacy and quietness at home is important for you to designate a study room. It’s impressive if you’re willing and able to study just in any corner inside the house, however, take note that the environment greatly affects your learning ability. The better the area you allocate for studying, the better the results of your studying will be!

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Now, when you’re done selecting your study room, which could be your bedroom, the attic, or your unused guest room, the next thing to manage is what you’re going to place in it. These are the things that will help improve your learning environment at home and at the same time, boost your energy! 

What should you incorporate in your learning zone? Check out these 10 essentials for a study room that motivates you to study and grind!

1 – Comfortable yet Efficient Chairs and Tables

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Inevitably, a chair and a table are key elements inside your reviewing spot at home. Lying down and sitting on your bed will make you feel cozy, but they will rob you of your enthusiasm for studying. You should be properly sitting on a chair in front of a suitably sized table. This furniture must enable you to have the right posture, which is valuable to increase your drive to study. 

Comfortable yet efficient — that’s what your chairs and tables in the study room must be. That means you feel relaxed using them but not too relaxed to the point of feeling sluggish. The table’s length should be enough to hold your gadgets and other materials used while studying. The chair should have a backrest that accommodates your whole back. Moreover, your chair should not make your backache so bad or your legs cramp. Your table should neither be too high nor too low. These two must fit each other’s height without issue!

2 – Sufficient Natural Lighting

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Receiving natural lighting inside the study room is more important than you probably think. As you know, lighting is a crucial aspect in studying. First, it’s how you’re able to move around, see and read. Second, it has something to do with stimulating your willingness and spirit to study! Now, with natural lighting, it can do beyond just these because it also refreshes your feeling, doubling the boost of your motivation!

Natural lighting comes from the sun. It h

as nutrients that the skin needs to remain healthy. When you’re too busy with school, reviewing for upcoming exams, attending online tutoring, finishing projects at home, you’re always indoors, so you don’t get enough sunlight on your skin. Letting sufficient natural light enter your study room can help you make up for those all-day-all-night-at-home times!

Furthermore, natural light has positive effects on mental and emotional health. It wakes you up, makes you happier and excited to study!

3 – Efficient Artificial Light Sources

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Studying is impossible in the dark unless you’re using an e-book accessible through a laptop or tablet. And even when you have these electronic devices, avoid studying with lights off because you might feel lethargic if you do so.

Natural lighting is advantageous, but when the sun goes down for the evening or when the skies go cloudy in the afternoon, artificial light is what you need! Efficient artificial light sources are a must in your study room. They provide bright but comfortable levels of light that can cover the scope you use. 

4 – Cozy Ventilation 

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Your physical body must be in a good condition to be able to study in a good mood and mind, yet if your body is fine but not the ventilation in the room, you can eventually feel bad. Imagine studying on a hot summer afternoon without a proper air source. It feels sticky because you’re getting sweaty. Sometimes, it feels suffocating too. That’s apparently so stressful. It’s going to be hard to fixate your mind on studying. 

That’s why cozy ventilation is required for study spaces. Place an electric fan, or install an air conditioning unit. If the room is near the window, open the window for fresh air. Restful air circulation is necessary for you to remain healthy while learning at home.

5 – Complete Study Materials

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In your study room, all your learning materials should be found and kept well. These include books, notebooks, readings, brochures, and other reading mediums, and pens, pencils, markers, and other writing apparatuses. Your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and/or other mobile devices too. Everything you need and often use should be complete in the study room. In that way, you won’t need to leave the room every now and then just to get them from another room.

6 – Shelves and File Organizers

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Students have a lot of stuff, and everyone knows that. Storage space is sometimes overlooked when creating study rooms, when in fact, it’s one of their major features. 

Shelves, racks, boxes, and organizers are the ideal storage areas for your study zone. You can buy some of them, or have them permanently installed instead. These help you classify and systematize your items, keeping your study hub harmonious and your mind the same. 

What’s in front of you and around you inside your study room tremendously affects your attitude towards studying. When you see your learning materials arranged nicely in categorized compartments, you can feel more eager to study hard! 

7 – To-Do List Board

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Making plans is effective when it comes to establishing and raising your determination to study. Write your goals for the day, week, month, or for the entire school year. As you jot them down and ponder on them, you look forward to them and feel motivated to work your best towards achieving them!

How about setting a to-do list board on top of your study table or hanging it on the wall!? This slate is where you’ll list everything you’re supposed to accomplish by the end of a certain period. It’s fulfilling every time you get to cross out a task after finishing it! A to-do list board can actually aid your vivacity in learning efficaciously.   

8 – Indoor Plants

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Nature never fails to make you feel good, better, and best! You also need nature around you when you’re studying, so place some indoor plants in your study crib! They can heighten good vibes at home, make you feel fresh and ready to study. That’s because plants foster a rejuvenating ambiance. They improve air quality as well, making the study room more breathable, snugglier, and more uplifting!

9 – Snack Box

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This might not apply to all, especially for those who eat messily and hate food crumbs on their floors, but having a snack box in the study room is also good! Whenever you feel a little hungry, you can just open your small snack chest and eat exactly right there. This lessens the need to leave the study room when you can’t because of tasks to be done.   

10 – A Photo or Poster that Means A Lot to You

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Decors are also beneficial in your study area. To be specific, place somewhere in it a photo or a poster that means a lot to you. It could be showing your family, your significant other, your parents, your children, your pet, or other people significant in your life. Meanwhile, it could be a poster of your favorite band, celebrity, athlete, or other media personalities. 

Doing this, you’re reminding yourself of these people who are your inspirations in studying well and reaping the best results. When you’re lacking energy, look at those posters, and you’ll recall your dream of being successful like your favorite stars someday or of meeting them in the future! When you’re feeling down, tired or like giving up, look at those family photos, and you’ll remember that you’re doing your best for them and that you want to make them proud of you.



Little do many people know that their study patch makes or breaks their motivation to study. 

Make yours the best one for your needs by incorporating the above-mentioned essentials. They can definitely improve your learning setting at home, thus improving your learning abilities. Keep your study room comfy but very clean and very effective at all times! This is the key to find comfort, experience convenience, and obtain concentration inside your own study room. 




Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for InFlow Education, an expert tutoring service in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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